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Tuesday, 24 December, 2013

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Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 180 & Arachnid – Chapter 39 & 40

Sunday, 21 September, 2014


UDDUP XDCC pending taketori/blissfulyoshi.

Until Death Do Us Part - Volume 23 Chapter 180: Guerrilla (2)


Well I said last time that chapter 39 would come soon, but things came up… How am I supposed to predict the typesetter’s comp breaking down. Oh well, to make up for that, we thought it long and hard and listened to our hearts. We listened and listened, but he could not describe it. All we can do it call it Snow Halation. Well that didn’t help much, so we ignored our poor anemone heart and decided to have a double release. Enjoy

On another note, we did not finish up a ch39.5, which is a sidestory on Alice’s past. It won’t affect your understanding your story, but just saying that we will release it someday in our future.

P.S. Recruiting people to help speed up releases, please join.

Arachnid - Volume 08 Chapter 39: "The Strongest" Is Not "The Worst"

Arachnid - Volume 09 Chapter 40: Allow Me to Beat You Down

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 179

Tuesday, 2 September, 2014

It’s here.

Note: XDCC pending taketori/blissfulyoshi

P.S. Recruiting people. Join now.

Until Death Do Us Part - Volume 23 Chapter 179: Guerrilla (1)

Arachnid Chapter 38

Saturday, 30 August, 2014

So I was gone the whole day yesterday, and taketori tells me to write the release post for Arachnid chapter 38, that he released…

Oh well, Here is your 18hr late release post with the download widget

Also, darling, don’t worry, don’t worry, 39 will come soon, so get ready.

Arachnid - Volume 08 Chapter 38: There's a Way Out

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 178

Sunday, 17 August, 2014

Hi everyone. Enjoy your new chapter.

I’ll try to keep UDDUP on a weekly schedule from now on.

blissfulyoshi already has the next volume scanned, so I’m on track.

P.S. XDCC is pending blissfulyoshi, so it’s not available yet.

Kirei Cake is recruiting translators for our other projects. Join nao.

Update: I forgot to translate the chapter title in this chapter, and have fixed it in the online reader.

Downloads will not be updated as it’s just a tiny fix.

Arachnid 37

Saturday, 16 August, 2014

I finally get to make a release, yay!

XDCC pending taketori. For now, you can grab the release here

Besides that, the site has now been updated with new Mega download links (labeled as MU because wordpress is annoying).

Next release will hopefully be soon, but for now let’s hype up the coming fight between Dinoponera and Alice. Who or what will win? Dinoponera’s UNBALANCED LOVE or Alice’s current LOVELESS WORLD. Well, we’ll find out someday in our future.

Kirei Cake is recruiting translators for our other projects. Join nao.

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 177

Tuesday, 12 August, 2014

Okay, here you go. Only one chapter left for this volume.

XDCC pending taketori or blissfulyoshi.

blissy already has the next volume scanned, so.

Kirei Cake is recruiting translators for our other projects. Join nao.

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 176

Monday, 4 August, 2014

Sorry for the delay. I was on hiatus, and likely still am.

Enjoy your chapter. Not sure when the next one will come.

P.S. XDCC isn’t up yet; wait for taketori to put it up.

(edit: XDCC is up)

Arachnid Chapter 36

Saturday, 2 August, 2014

So begins volume 8.

Still recruiting those translators.

Even if you aren’t one yourself, see if any of your friends speak Japanese u_u

By the way, feel free to drop by our IRC channel in the webchat and talk.

We love visitors.

Arachnid Chapter 35

Wednesday, 30 July, 2014

With this, Arachnid volume 7 is complete in just over 2 weeks!

We are still desperately recruiting translators for our other projects, so please apply.

A suggestion from our raw provider/QCer blissfulyoshi:

Replace “strongest” with “lazy” while reading the chapter :D

Arachnid Chapter 34

Monday, 28 July, 2014

Hooray for another release!

This is actually a new record for us, as we’ve managed to release 4 chapters of this manga in a month.

As always, we are recruiting translators so we can do our other (neglected) series.

Also, an interesting note by the translator Royal is the similarity between Geji and WataMote’s Tomoko:


Arachnid Chapter 33

Thursday, 24 July, 2014

Here’s chapter 33!

It’s been a while (2 years in fact) since we’ve been able to release this many Arachnid chapters in 1 month.

Hopefully the releases will continue to come at this speed.

As always, we are recruiting translators and other staff.

Arachnid Chapter 32

Wednesday, 23 July, 2014

And here is chapter 32 of Arachnid!

It’s nice being able to release a manga more than once every half year…

We might not be able to get chapters out this fast all the time,

but it definitely should be better than before thanks to another translator for this manga, Royal.

We are still recruiting translators for our other series so please apply.

Arachnid Chapter 31

Sunday, 13 July, 2014

Hi, taketori here.

Sorry for the long hiatus on Arachnid, but thanks to our new translator BananaShiki we’ve been able to release another chapter.

On the other hand, Nitori is currently on a break so we are desperately recruiting translators.

If you are a translator or other applicant, fill out an application and be sure to join us on IRC using the webchat.

Message an admin and we will try to get back to you shortly.

Also, XDCC is up and running again.

<blissfulyoshi> After a long time
<blissfulyoshi> we can finally find out if alice is a virgin or not

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 175 v2

Sunday, 8 June, 2014

As promised, scum has completed the redraws for Chapter 175.

Thus, here’s a v2. If you don’t care about the spreads, don’t bother downloading.

Nothing has changed aside the redraws being done.

Any MU mods reading this, please don’t update it on MU, since it isn’t really a true v2 release.

Also, the XDCC release will not be updated by me.

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 175

Thursday, 5 June, 2014

This was technically done since the 2nd, however, scum didn’t follow through with his promise to redraw the two spreads.

Thus, I’ve decided to just release the chapter for now, and if he or some random reader does it, I’ll v2 it later.

Enjoy the chapter.

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 174

Saturday, 31 May, 2014

Erp, forgot to make this post.

UDDUP 174 released.

Will probably do 175 soon since it’s easy.

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 173

Friday, 9 May, 2014

Still stalling like hell due to PoE addiction ™.

Message me in-game: Nitorita

174 will come out whenever it will come out.

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 172

Friday, 25 April, 2014

Thanks to everybody to applied to join Kirei Cake after the Ch. 172 release.

We now have more than enough members on reserve, but if you’re still interested in joining,

we can always do with people who wish to camp around our chat and, well, chat :D!

Lately, I’ve been playing PoE 24/7, so if anybody else plays PoE, PM me in-game: Nitorita.

I’m on Ambush, and I’d love to have currency donations in-game ;D.

Anyways, enjoy. No XDCC since you probably know why by now.

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 171

Tuesday, 15 April, 2014

It’s past four in the night, so I won’t write much. Enjoy your release.

Super thanks for blissfulyoshi for buying and scanning private raws :).