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Tuesday, 24 December, 2013

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Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 171

Tuesday, 15 April, 2014

It’s past four in the night, so I won’t write much. Enjoy your release.

Super thanks for blissfulyoshi for buying and scanning private raws :).

The-Day-Before-April-Fool’s-Day Batch Release

Monday, 31 March, 2014

Just read the block(s) that apply to you, below.

Improper Capture is stalled for now due to lack of proofreaders.

It’s already done, but needs a proofread. It will be released later today.

Improper Capture is now released. You may pick it up on the right :)

I am also currently working on Rikaicake v4(?), and will release it soon.

That said, we’re recruiting for just about all roles, so please apply.

Donations of any amount are appreciated.

Happy April Fool’s Day to those who live in the East :).

Until Death Do Us Part

Volume 21 is now completed, and blissfulyoshi has gratuitously purchased Volume 22 raws for us.

Sure, public raws will probably be available within a month or so, but at least you get to have higher quality realeases.

Expect a normal release rate for UDDUP. It does pend upon blissy to scan it, so it won’t be released that soon.

Improper Capture Method of Classmates & Labyrinth

As some of you may know, tank raws beyond Volume 3 cannot be found on the Internet, and I am not planning on buying them.

Thus, we will be sticking with magazine raws until the end of the series.

The series ends at Chapter 26, and I’ve yet to decide a release rate. I doubt it will be too long of a release rate, though.

The chapters aren’t particularly difficult, but the chapters are relatively long, and the magazine raws do have a lot of dust to clean.


Act 22 marks the end of Volume 6, and there are eight chapters left (Volume 8).

Unfortunately, Esprit chapters are very long (50 page chapters that equal about two average-sized chapters), and consequently, take a lot of time to work on them.

That is the reason why the release rate has been relatively slow for Esprit so far (several months a chapter?).

I’ve yet to decide a release rate for Esprit as well, but I’ll see what I can do.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

This series is now confirmed as being on hiatus.

Takeda essentially stopped working on the series after (the upcoming) Partie 11.3,

and Dragon Age has not given a single whiff of news regarding what happened to Croisee.

Partie 11.3 (which we will hopefully finish soon) was serialized in late 2011, so it’s already been more than two years.

It’s best to assume that this series has been discontinued.

I will do Partie 11.3 sometime soon, and mark the series as Completed.

Croisée will be officially our first “completed” series.

All of Us are Active!

This series is a bit “unstable” at the moment.

We may very well complete this series sooner than expected, since I don’t think it’s too difficult to work on.

Release rate is unknown at this time as well, but our group has expressed interest in having it completed in reasonable time.


Concerning Arachnid, as I mentioned previously, blissfulyoshi is now providing private raws for it.

The first chapter of Volume 7 is currently en-route, and is pending taketori’s cleans as well as StrawberryMochi’s translation.

They are a bit behind schedule due to real life and school, so it wasn’t able to be included with this batch release.

I will try to keep Arachnid on at least a monthly schedule, so stay tuned.

Let’s Go Play!

eManga has officially picked up Let’s Go Play! for online serialization in English, so I’m declaring this series dropped.

Ironically, eManga picked it up under the same name that I personally named it when I initially picked it up (instead of just Asobi ni Iku yo!), which means (99.9% chance) that the translator behind LGP! has read our scanlations (it’s under the DMG division, which hires scanlators anyway). Let’s just hope no translations get copy and pasted now ;).

Unfortunately, this means I was credited or paid in any fashion. Just saying.

But at least, it’s good to hear that a company in interested in our scanlations.

Regarding Arachnid’s Unexpected Hiatus

Sunday, 16 March, 2014

Many of you have been bugging us (if not in person, then in heart) about what happened to Arachnid.

There has not been a single release for over three months, and no news has been posted regarding its status.

I would like to start this post off by saying that we are not, and will not plan to, drop Arachnid.

Jacqli’s inevitable hiatus lately, along with the lack of staff, has caused a major disruption in our release rate.

StrawberryMochi, the one responsible for translating Arachnid, has also gone missing, or terribly inactive.

blissfulyoshi is now our raw provider for Arachnid. He purchased every volume up until 9, and will be scanning them all.

I will be responsible for translating Arachnid again, unless we can get in touch with Mochi.

Arachnid’s release rate will be slightly delayed, as we need to focus on our other projects.

UDDUP Vol. 21 will be done next chapter, so we will take a break on that to work on our other series.

- Nitori

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 169

Tuesday, 11 March, 2014

And here begins Until Sanctuary Does Them Apart Chapter 169.

Enjoy the chapter. I’ll try to get 170 out as soon as I can, to finish Vol. 21.

XDCC will be delayed until Jacqli uploads it. Downloads are on the right.

Until Death Do Us Part – Chapter 168

Saturday, 8 March, 2014

We’re almost done Volume 21 of UDDUP, and are well on our way to catching up.

That’s all for now. Chapter 169 is on its way.