Teizokurei MONOPHOBIA – The Second: Part One

Alrighty guys, here’s the next part of Teizokurei MONOPHOBIA. Enjoy. It’s like 2:30 in the night.

Next up is (I swear to God, I won’t slack) Hoken no Sensei Chapter 4. Seriously. Omg :|.

MediaFire will be up in the day (EST). FileSonic is right here.

And the online reader is right here.

P.S. Read the translation notes at the end of the part :P.

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  • mastur says:

    hehe.. duet maito and toono is very funny.. gotta love it

    thanks for doing it

  • ER says:

    About your translation notes…
    On Page 94, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about easy money or success. I took あっさり金渡すから as him asking Nakaya if he was ready to hand over his money, and 味占められた being a variation of 味を占められた, asking him if he needs a little motivation.
    And on Page 95, I took 違う 仲谷の奴・・・ ヤル気だ! to mean Nakaya hoped for this situation to happen again. And going by his Stabface smile, it’s pretty obvious why. And I’m pretty sure the bullies were talking about how extorting money from the same guy two days in a row would be unexpected.
    And for the last translation note, I took Maito’s line to mean “What should I do? If I interrupt the extortion, they might start bothering Maika later…”

    • Sayori says:

      Great analysis ER :P.

      94: Yes, your first explanation is possible as you certainly read it in a different way. but as for the 味を占める part, it means something like “tasted success [of a past event].” Being motivated has nothing to do with it at this point, lol. http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/leaf/je2/867/m0u/

      I guess you were looking more for like, “…Since we take away your money so quickly, you [probably] thought you’d be able to get away [with it today], huh!” <-- This certainly does sound much more correct. I probably misread it the first time. I'll v2 and put this in instead, haha. Edit: After even more thinking, it actually means: "...Handing over your money so quick [this time]... You must've learned your lesson, huh!" <-- I will go with this. 95: The やる気 really was vague. I took it as if he just wanted to go to school, since Kanbana had explained before (from his analysis) that he didn't attend school (for whatever reason, which might've been from the bullying). Maito took in Maika's memories, and probably misinterpreted it to mean that he wanted to try his best to attend school. Like I said, the やる気 is vague. Maito can't see Nakaya's face from above. And just by common sense, I'm sure nobody would want to be bullied twice, so that rules out the possibility of him WANTING them to come back. His stabface smile was just because it did actually happen, but he was already fully prepared with his knife hidden away. If you have a better idea of what you think the やる気 really means, feel free to let me know, and I'll update it in a v2. Edit: Scratch all the above. It's actually, "You're wrong! That Nakaya guy... He was [just being] willing!" <-- In reference to my edit above. Will be v2'd. And for the last part, you're right. I read it incorrectly. Lol. I'll fix that alongside the rest. Thanks for your help for the first two, albeit slightly off the mark.

  • bdenko says:

    wow, didnt think if this series is so damn good..

    thanks a damn lot for pick this series up..

    i love you

  • Chump says:

    Thanks for this series! It looks very interesting!
    (One thing I’ve seen in both chapters, and I’m curious about is Toono’s “earthworm swells.” Maybe I’m stupid, but what is that? Is it like welts?)

    • Sayori says:

      I don’t know a great translation for it. That’s what the dictionary says, but it’s more of when you get scratched or slashed by something, after a few hours, it swells up, showing a very obvious redish-hued mark on your arm or leg, for example. Since they’re long, the length of the injury was more meant to analogize to the length of an earthworm.

  • xEnvyloverx says:

    Hehehe… seeing this release after coming back from the club… GREAT FEELING! Thanks for the release! (I love late night/morning releases!)

  • RoflCat says:

    I lol’d hard at the ending page of the chapter…

    Now to take a break cuz my stomach hurts .- .

  • Moonlite says:

    thank you!!

  • auriga says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  • gary says:

    didn’t think anybody would pick this up

  • TheGuv says:

    Thanks for the new chapter.

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