Pantser Princess Pantie 4, Kono Naka, and Current Status of Kirei Cake

To start off usual matters, Pantser Princess 4 is (finally) done.

It was already ready for me since a week (maybe two) back, but I didn’t want to QC it.

You can download the release here or read it online here.


Current Queue List for Kirei Cake:

Let’s Go Play! – Pending Typeset from Gwazh

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – Pending Proof from CycloBenzene

6 votes for My Little Sister is Among Them! – Translated

5 votes for We Are All Alive! – Pending Translation Check from Me

3 votes for Foreign Girl and Bouquet of Violets – Pending Translation

3 votes for Teizokurei MONOPHOBIA – Pending Translation

1 vote for Softenni! – Pending Translation


Attention Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Readers:

As the raws for volume 1 of Kono Naka are out now, I’ve already fetched them and skimmed them.

As you may expect, I will be v2ing every Section up until now. That’s 1.1 to 2, and the Prologue. That’s all we have done.

Section 1 Part 1 will be redone from scratch. That’s right. Looking at the raws, Mottsun practically redrew the entire Part.

Quote me about half an hour ago from my private (not-staff) channel on IRC:

01:38 Sayorii It’s like Mottsun completely trashed the chapter
01:38 Sayorii And redrew it from scratch
01:38 Sayorii Made it look 200x nicer
01:38 Sayorii Added better backgrounds
01:38 Sayorii And then threw it into HD

So yeah. Mottsun basically treated 1.1 as a sketch and redid the entire thing.

Section 1 Part 2 and beyond appear to look the same, though. Therefore, they will be checked for text equivalence.

That is, I’ll be comparing the raws to see if any sentences were changed in the process of archiving it from mag to tank.

And since the tank has various extras, v2’s will probably occur for basically all Sections and Parts up until now.

Here is the breakdown of what I will be doing for Kono Naka from here on:

1) I will do Section 3 as scheduled. The tank raws will be used, and any pages that were only in the mag will be included also.

2) I will v2 the Prologue. Visual-wise, nothing must changed, except that the mystery girl had her face changed. Translation will be checked and updated as appropriate.

3) After that, I will redo Section 1 Part 1 from scratch with the tank raws (and the covers and whatnot). The original “sketch” mag chapter will be included in the release, but in a separate “Mag Version” folder simply for self-interest and archival purposes. I’d hate to just throw away work done already, and it’s probably interesting to still be able to read Mottsun’s original sketch version.

3) Section 1.2, 1.3, and 2 will have their raws (mag and tank) compared for Japanese equivalence. Translations will be changed as appropriate. For all pages that do not have redraws on them, I will be using the tank raws. For ones that do have redraws on them, if they are tedious, I will just use the mag release to replace those pages instead. I don’t have that much time to redraw tedious pages, sorry. All non-redraw pages will use the tank raws, and any mag-only pages will be included also.

4) Finally, you have Section 4 for the rest of the tank. Section 4 should take the longest, because all I can see are tedious redraws spammed throughout. Meh. Tank raw.

5) After this is Section 5 to 7, all mag raw, but if Volume 2 comes out by the time we actually catch up to Section 4, then I’ll need to analyze Volume 2 raws.

That’s it for now for Kono Naka.

 Oh, and, Kono Naka will now be officially renamed to “My Little Sister is Among Them!” as per actual tank name.


And for the current status of Kirei Cake, here it is:

I could pretend that I was busy with my test and assignment for my meteorology class, but I’d just be lying.

Realistically, those only took a few days. Nothing more than that. Remember, I’m only taking a course per semester.

Reality is, I’ve found better things to do in life than scanlation, and thus, am losing my hold over it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m quitting or I’m dropping stuff, but it means that it won’t last forever.

Other people should realize the same.

Unfortunately, people are wasting their lives away by forcing scanlation on themselves.

People need to know that scanlation is just a temporary “escape from life.”

It’s only meant to fill in any empty gaps you may have during your ordinary lifestyle.

But that means that you should be striving to find something else better to do.

Once you do, the time is no longer available, and you no longer see a need to feel attached to scanlation.

With that being said, I’m probably just going to release entirely depending on my mood, like I have been since months ago.

That means: If I don’t feel like it, I won’t release. Simple as that.

Time is precious. I have other things to tend to now, so I can’t just waste it away on pages in a manga.


I will try to keep it reasonable and not stall people forever, but that’s also mood-dependant.

On a happy note, I have already prepaid for a two-year renewal for the website, so I’ll be here for two years at least.

After that… Who knows. Anything could happen then. I may stay, I may leave, I may freelance, I don’t know.

If you as a reader make it worth my while and generally get me in a good mood, you’ll get your chapters faster.

That’s about it.

– Sayori

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  • Anonymous says:

    Keep your eyes on the sky, but don’t forget to look back on the Earth every once in a while. Whatever that means. Good job!

    • Sayori says:


      • .... says:

        It means something like: “look straight forward and walk towards your goals (abandoning scanlating?) but don’t forget to look back to the things you sacrificed along the way (scanlating?).” I’m not sure why he is saying this or whether my interpretation is correct.
        “Go ahead and do the things you want to do but don’t forget to come back here once in a while or something.”
        This is mere guessing though.

  • blub says:

    Wow. A very long and gloomy post. But in my opinion you made the right decision. If you have found better things to do in life, so be it. Do not waste your time away (at least not so much!) with a hobby which is not that enjoyable anymore. Life is short. It always seemed to me like scanlation was very unrewarding anyway.

    • .... says:

      Life is way too long if you ask me. why do you think old people want to die so badly? But NO aiding old people in suicide is forbidden by the law. Well in 4 years or so it will probadly become legal since the proposition is there with over 100.000 signatures so far.
      What do you do in your life anyway… You spend 1/3 sleeping the rest of the day you do what? school/work go home eat watch some anime and read some manga sleep and repeat on a daily basis. Then you die and vanish into the nothingness where everything is created and everything ends. The only thing we can do in our life is kill time with “interesting” things than die. The most difficult part being finding those “interesting” things.

      • Sayori says:

        Well, elders wishing to die are case-by-case. Some don’t want to; they just want to get younger, but obviously, that’s not possible. And yes, some others do want to die, but they could always just commit suicide themselves, so assisted suicide isn’t necessarily required, unless they are physically or mentally incapable of doing so.

        And as for daily life, you have it right on the nail. Most people these days (non-working people like most of the reader population, and just about most other teenage to mid-20’s people) don’t have much to do in their life, and some may already be on the lookout for something fulfilling to do in life, but still haven’t found it.

        Scanlation is a hobby (people may take it as good or bad) that could be done to help build some interest and fill in some time-gaps, but once you’re bogged down with more important things to do, you don’t see much of an attachment to do scanlation anymore, because it’s not that urgent that you have to go out of your way just to do it.

        • .... says:

          Didn’t expect to get a serious answer since i wrote this on a whim but I’ll respond to this.

          The reason elders can’t commit suicide themselves isn’t only because they are mentally or physically unable to do so but are mostly related to the fact that they are religious and suicide is a sin. But assisted suicide is a medical procedure mostly done by people with no religion thus it becomes kind of like murder from a religious point of view which doesn’t affect the elders themselves.

          The main reason elders that aren’t in pain because of diseases want to die is loneliness.
          A lot of elders were happily married and lived with their partner for 20-40 years, but they died. So you are a 60-100 year old man/woman who lost his partner and is overflowing with loneliness just sitting in their home living off their benefits with no spouses or other family just filled with loneliness. Young people can cope with this most of the time because they still have their parents/siblings and are preoccupied with work. But if you reach their age you either have children who are independent with their own family or nothing because your parents/siblings have probadly been wiped out already.

          It’s also one of the reasons why rich countries have the highest suicide rates. Poor countries have poor people who strive for survival and have no time to think about how bored they are or the meaning of life. Well humans were created in the time where we had lived in caves and had to hunt on a daily basis with no breaks just to stay alive. But then humans started working in groups growing food from the ground manipulating nature making (better) weapons and before you knew it America/India and other countries were colonized and the world was conquered by the white people. I’m straying off-topic here…

          Yep hobby’s come and go and you find new things just like games. you buy one play it for days and buy a new one while the other one collects dust. I started with anime then after watching around 200 series i went over to manga after reading around 1600 manga’s (mostly unfinished) I am now starting with visual novels/eroge. Katawa shoujo is a very nice VN that i recommend gives you a view of the lives of people with disabilities.

    • Sayori says:

      It isn’t that rewarding. I’m not getting paid to do it or anything, and as you know, time is money. Donations are a good incentive to keep me going, but nobody donates anymore, so I’ll just do the odd chapter every once in a while, whenever I actually feel like it.

      • .... says:

        Yeah, in time of crisis people become careful.
        I had to refrain from buying The elder scrolls IV: Oblivion, Tales of Vesperia, Halo 3 : ODST, Microsoft points and Xbox live membership because I gotta save my money just in case my family is short on money so i can help out (16 btw)(currently using 48 hour codes for online 8 left).

  • .... says:

    Thanks for the release and damn what a long post i’m reading after just waking up.
    BTW. page 7 bottom right text panel it says :
    “Wellll this kinda gloomy talk at a place like this… do you girls have a place to stay at?”.
    Is the “wellll” done on purpose because the actual person says it like that? And the sentence sounds a little stiff. making it: Well this is kind of a gloomy talk for a place like this, do you girls have a place to stay at? Ss something i’d suggest. Not sure whether you can fit it in the panel though.
    or “Wellll this is kind of a gloomy talk for a place like this, do you girls have a place to stay at? depending on whether the “Wellll” was done on purpose or not.
    But well i’m just a non-native random guy reading random manga to kill time so you can basically just ignore me.

    • Sayori says:

      You’re welcome. Long comments are fine. I always want to make sure readers come first.

      Original Japanese: まーしめっぽい話はこの辺で。。。。。。あんたたち泊まる宿は? (Note the まー lengthened and attached with the しめっぽい)
      Literal Translation: Well… Having a gloomy convo at a place like this…… Any place you girls have to stay at?
      Changed Translation: Wellll, this kinda gloomy talk at a place like this… Do you girls have a place to stay at?

      Nothing much really changed. I guess I could’ve sufficed with the “Well…” but I wanted to keep Remi’s personality intact.

      Doesn’t really matter altogether. There’s your free random lesson, lol.

      • .... says:

        The “this kinda gloomy…” sounds so unreal… Do people actually say that out loud? i’m not a native so idk what English people say in their daily conversations.
        Figured the Wellll was from the original raws but you never know for sure.
        Thank you for the responding to the comment of a random guy reading random manga to kill time with a random lesson. =)

        • Sayori says:

          Meh, as long as you can understand it, it’s not really that big of a deal. I’m not exactly striving to make it 110% English, and the time and place Pantser Princess is situated in is obviously not now. I would make it medieval speak if I could, but I don’t know how.

          • .... says:

            At least medieval English is comprehensible. Old(Medieval) Dutch makes you wanna cry. A mix of german and modern dutch. Memorizing the very first Dutch text written on paper for school made me cry.
            “Hebban alla vogala nestas hagunnan hinase hic enda thu wat unbidan we nu?” O my …! Why do i still remember it? Curse you Dutch monk who wanted to try out his pen…

  • Jayce says:

    Thanks for the work anyways

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