Let’s Go Play! – 007

Hello everyone, sorry to keep you all waiting.

LGP! 007 would have been released yesterday, but various issues came up.

For one thing, the settings I had for making the chapter HQ bombed on one page, so I had to redo it.

As always, quality over speed, right? I’m sure you’ll forgive me :)

That in itself took a few hours, and by that point, I was just too sleepy to move on.

And today, I woke up at 3 PM, and I had to go out shopping and do chores until like 7:30.

Thus, you get your chapter NOW.

P.S. I’m testing out a new file host called eDoc. It’s almost just as good as MediaFire.

== If you get a prompt to share eDoc, JUST REFRESH TO SKIP! ==


 It’s not region blocked in many of the countries MF is blocked in as well, so try it out!

MediaFire DDL will be available in two hours (midnight-ish EST).

The MediaFire DDL should’ve have been up at midnight,

but my memory was extremely bad and I forgot before going to sleep.

Sorry about that. It’s up now.

Download the Release Here | Read the Release Online Here


Next up is likely My Little Sister Section 4.

I’ll take a break for the next little while, so expect it a little later (maybe 1-2 days).

Raws for Volume 2 of My Little Sister aren’t out yet, so I want all of your opinions.

I currently picked up magazine raws for the series up to Section 10 (Aug. 2012).

That is roughly halfway into Volume 3 (presumably).

After I release Section 4, should I continue with mag raws, or wait for Volume 2 raws?

Leave your answer in a comment.


Quote from last release:

Finally, I am sincerely thankful that people are commenting on my releases.

I really appreciate the gratitude, and I will continue to to my best.

If anybody owns an iPhone 4 or 4S and wants to buy a cool anime hard case,

consider looking at what my cousin has for sale. He makes and sells them on eBay.

Or if you don’t have one, consider buying it to give as a gift to somebody else :).

My cousin also sells playmats for card games, so if you’re into that, check them out too.

His non-rubber playmats can be used as posters, which is what I use them as.

They’re cool. Touhou posters are cool.

You can take a look at all of his stuff by clicking here.

My cousin has agreed to give me some of the proceeds if he sees a huge surge in customers,

so if you’ve always wanted to support my work, this could be your chance :D.

– Sayori

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  • Regius says:

    A bit of joy to lighten up my day! (nothing like being sick to ruin your day off -_- )
    Thank you very much ^_^

  • HighOnCaffeine says:

    Dead tired so I’m just gonna say thanks for the release and read the post later.

  • xanon says:

    Thanks for the chapter and all your hard work. Really looking forward to reading more.

    • Sayori says:

      You’re very welcome. LGP! 008 is already cleaned and redrawn. Just pending translation, typeset and HQ clean.

  • Harimau says:

    What’s the series shown on the second-last page of Improper Method chapter 4? I swear I’ve seen or read it before (and that it was possibly axed), but I can’t remember it anymore.

    • Harimau says:

      Ah, now I remember. Suddenly, the Marriage Partner Showed Up
      Well, I had to check the magazine that Improper Method is in, and check the manga in it that are Romance. lol.

      • Sayori says:

        Yeah, that was the one. The series purely about incest relationships, I believe.

        I actually purchased Volume 1 last year, but several groups have already picked it up.

        • Harimau says:

          I’m pretty sure it was only the first story that was about an incest relationship. Then there was a story between a writer and some regular guy, and then a story between two gamers.

  • eDoc sucks says:

    I don’t know if it’s because of my ISP or something, but DL link on port 8080 generated for me doesn’t load no matter what.

    Why are you trying to use eDocs anyway, if I may ask?

    • Sayori says:

      I assume refreshing and whatnot didn’t fix it either. Hmm. Are you sure it’s not a porting issue on your router?

      I’m using eDoc.com simply because I want to cater to a more international audience.

      I know for a fact that MediaFire is blocked in many countries (trust me, it is), and since eDoc provides very reasonable service, I want to try it out.

      The only two things you need to take note is really just the once-a-day prompt to share eDoc and the fact that you shouldn’t click their sponsored downloader.

      Apart from those two, the rest is VERY unrestrictive. No download speed cap, simple captcha, simultaneous downloading (as long as you wait a minute inbetween each), and individual file wait time.

      You can download however many files you’d like any single day, there’s no limit. And each file can be up to 1 GB large (whilst MediaFire only allows for a maximum of 100 MB per file, unless premium).

      You’re also given 250 GB free storage, and are alloted 4 GB of bandwidth per day or something?

      As long as readers are well informed about those two tiny issues, eDoc can be a very versatile (at least) MediaFire backup.

  • cloud04 says:

    idm really if you use public raws(im assuming jcafe)probably cleaning them will take a while i assume?

  • Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the new release!

    Tried out the eDoc download, and still prefer Mediafire. While the speeds are good, it’s mitigated by the fact that there’s a wait time (unless you “share the link”). It’s not bad to have as an option, but I think I’ll stick with Mediafire if given a choice.

    • Sayori says:

      Oh, you just need to refresh. You can ignore the wait time prompt.

      That reminds me, I should mention to people to refresh and ignore it.

      • garasu says:

        Didn’t work.

        Also if you click the wrong link (very easy), you got “LetsGoPlay007[KireiCake].zip Downloader.exe” instead. WTF?

        I suggest you take a look at putlocker if you want mf alternative, it’s good… for now, dunno how long till it get fucked up like ifile.

        • Sayori says:

          You click the bottom link, not the top one.

          Updated my post to reflect that as well.

          • garasu says:

            I realized that, but not after I closed the tab. And now it stuck at that damned share or wait screen.

            Well, as long as you upload to mf, everything’s fine for me.

            • Sayori says:

              When you get the screen asking you to share eDoc, just refresh once or twice to skip it.

              • garasu says:

                Yeah like I said above. Didn’t work.

                Tried using Opera and FF.

                • Sayori says:

                  Tried just now in IE and Firefox. I can skip the share prompt just fine by pressing refresh.

                  Very likely something wrong with your computer itself. But no matter, not a huge issue.

                  Did you make sure you didn’t block any cookies or anything?

                  • garasu says:

                    Probably because of ghostery, but if I have to disable that to use a filesharing I would rather not use that particular service.

                    • Sayori says:

                      Well if you’re using something like NoScript to block off scripts, that might cause eDoc not to function properly.

                      Anyways, MediaFire DDLs will be up usually two hours after the eDoc link.

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