Arachnid Chapter 21 Release & Teizokurei MONOPHOBIA Dropped

Alright, here’s Chapter 21 of Arachnid for you guys to enjoy.

Download the Release Here | Read the Release Online Here

Arachnid - Volume 05 Chapter 21: Don't Misunderstand


Arachnid Vol. 6 was originally scheduled for release on July 22 in Japan.

I would assume that since it would be too soon after Chapter 30 came out,

and that Square Enix likely hasn’t even fully prepared the volume yet,

Amazon Japan reports that the date has been rescheduled to August 22.

That should POSSIBLY give us enough time to catch up, maybe?

Chapter 31 came out in July, so that’s probably why Square Enix rescheduled.


A little while ago, Night from Death Toll dropped by asking about TM.

Since I already have enough projects as it is, I handed the series over.

Thus, from now on, look forward to Death Toll for your TM fix.

Since they do horror series anyway, they will likely do a fine job.

I have been told that the team working on the series is good, so yay.

Again, Teizokurei MONOPHOBIA is now done by Death Toll.

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  • Karlito504 says:

    Thx once again for the release!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah, one downside to only posting blog comments anonymously here: No post editing allowed. :( Ah, well…

    On Chapter 19, page 127:
    Might it be worth a translation note mentioning the Japanese language’s usual lack of distinction between singular and plural? (Re: “Corpse(s) will appear”/”Fujii Alice, I presume?”)

    (And another couple minor little points, in case you feel like dealing with them:
    Whenever dealing with digraphs (e.g., “ch”, “sh”, “th”, etc.) in words that are stuttered or interrupted, I’d suggest not cutting off the word in the middle of the digraph. So, on page 118, it’d be better as:
    “Th-” “That was unexpected…”

    And on the next page, 1st panel, Yoriko’s question is missing a question mark.)

    As for page 144:
    The text box that mentions surface tension could use some rewording, although I’m not quite sure how to correct it without sounding much too awkward or verbose…
    (But to give you some sense of what I’m referring to, I’ll quote from Wikipedia: “Surface tension, then, is not a property of the liquid alone, but a property of the liquid’s interface with another medium.”)
    Actually, how about simply changing it to “[…] the surface tension between the water and the fine hairs […]”?

    • Sayori says:

      When I do my translations, I assume the reader has a basic understanding of Japanese and/or how it works, so I don’t go out of my way to explain very basic things such as how Japanese usually doesn’t explicitly distinguish singular from plural, and vice versa.

      The whole digraph thing, for one thing, it’s more I’m just using to doing the “one letter, dash, break” as I’ve always done, even if some cases would sound better with a few more letters added on.

      As always, I have to mention that I don’t want to take TOO many liberties in translating to English, as it is originally Japanese, so as long as it’s understandable, it shouldn’t be changed too much.

      The question mark thing, well, it’s debatable, as you can see Yoriko’s tone of voice, it CAN be a period, unless you’re being super critical English.

      Once again, it’s a Shinya moment, and I try to translate to the best of my ability :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Chapter 3, page 90:

    Taxonomic correction:
    Based on the description, I’d say “The Liphistiomorphae”/”suborder” ought to be changed to “Liphistius”/”genus”.
    (And of course, the description becomes slightly more accurate if “primitive arachnids” is changed to “primitive spiders”.)

    Spelling correction:
    “desert” -> “dessert”

    (Also, better to leave “earth” uncapitalized in this instance.)

    Page 95:
    “minuscle” -> “minuscule”

    Are you sure you got those numbers correct? You didn’t specify which type of degrees that temperature was given in, but:
    370 °C (643 K, 698 °F, 1158 °R) is the highest temperature I’ve seen real spider silk cited as being able to withstand.
    So, I’m certainly no expert, and proving that such a heat-resistant spider silk doesn’t exist is much more difficult than proving that something does exist. But 1,500 degrees on any common temperature scale seems a bit suspect, so, just thought I’d suggest checking for perhaps a decimal point error, or something.
    (That said, those specifications are part of the very fictional storyline, rather than one of those more-or-less factual arthropodology lessons. So if Murata really wrote 1,500 (unspecified) degrees, I shan’t complain.)

    Page 98:
    “conjoined eyes” -> “compound eyes”
    “desert” -> “dessert”

    Page 105:
    Translating the graffiti (and explaining the significance of the flowers) would be helpful. (No need for redrawing, looks like there’s plenty of space in the margins.)

    And again in Chapter 18, page 95, where you can fully see the “KY” (kill you?), “shine” (die), and “kimoi” (~disgusting) that got cut off in Chapter 3.

    • Sayori says:

      Well, ultimately, since the manga IS called Arachnid, I want to try my best to avoid the use of “spider” altogether.

      The temperature was likely a Shinya moment. Regarding the table, I just didn’t bother translating it.

      People were bullying Alice and drawing graffiti on her desk, it should be obvious enough that the students were saying bad stuff. So I didn’t bother.

  • Anonymous says:

    Comments on old blog posts are closed, so…:

    A bit late, I know, but a couple typos I noticed again while going back to look for Chapter 8’s second arachnology lesson:

    Chapter 8, page 96:
    “conscousness” -> “consciousness”

    Chapter 8, page 124:
    “true identify” -> “true identity”

  • *flashysign* says:

    tttthhhaannkss :)
    love this series =D

  • Inofor says:

    Thanks for doing TM up until now, the releases you did were of quite high quality.

  • blitz says:

    I’m one of those batoto guys you wrote about in your page. I’m here to say thanks, love your work. Keep it up mate!

  • yourfan says:

    wow, another enemy,
    thank you for the release

  • Anonymous says:

    Heya Sayori,
    Just a heads-up that, about three hours ago, I tried posting a longer comment, but it didn’t make it past the blog’s spam filter. Could you restore it for me, or has it already been purged?

    • Sayori says:

      Yeah, URLs trigger the spam filter, which is why it didn’t pass through. It’s approved now.

      I suggest you drop by our IRC. You’re very helpful :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the comment approval and the compliment!
        Since such feedback seems to be welcomed, I’ll see if I can find the time to provide a bit more. Dunno if I’ll be able to scour every chapter, though. ^^;
        Now, please do let me know if I cross the threshold from “helpful feedback” to “annoying nitpicking”!

        As for IRC, alas, I have a strong aversion to real-time communication, except for when it’s in person. :/
        So, I hope blog comments will suffice. ^^

        Also, does your spam filter have a URL whitelist feature?

        • Sayori says:

          Yeah, in all honesty, every chapter prior to about halfway into Volume 4 needs a complete overhaul, retranslated v2.

          It’s just, I don’t have much time, so I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Hence why I have not done any archival volume releases.

          Jacqli and I openly welcome your criticism as well as informative comments for the series. It is very useful.

          However, I still think that if you could just join our ranks on IRC, we would be very, very happy :). Just do it for us ;o!

          As long as I approve comments from your IP, it will put you on the whitelist regardless of URL count. So you’re free to post whatever now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Typo correction for Chapter 21, page 11:
    “instantneous” -> “instantaneous”

    (Also, on page 13, it’s quite a minor point, but it’d read a little smoother if the line-wrapping hyphen were placed between syllables:
    “instant-aneous” -> “instan-taneous”)

    Factual corrections for Chapter 20, page 171:

    “the so-called 40,000 living species of the arachnid order”:
    There are over 43,000 living species currently recorded within the Araneae (i.e., spider) order (so says The World Spider Catalog).
    (That number was closer to 40,000 back in late 2008, not long before the Arachnid manga started, so feel free to stick with one significant digit if you want. The main point is the continuing to get arachnids and spiders mixed up.)
    As for the Arachnid(a) class, Wikipedia says there’re more like 100,000 species total.

    The one arachnid that can form webs underwater.”:
    Actually, there’s also the genus Ancylometes.

    (Also worthy of note are the genus Dolomedes, the species Thalassius albocinctus, and probably some others within the Pisauridae family.
    I wonder if the author is saving at least one of those abilities for a future seemingly-obligatory [beach/public bath/hot springs] episode…)

    WARNING: HERE BE SPOILERS (for chapters 20 & 21)!

    Jeez, what a waste of Cicindelinae.
    If the author only wanted an excellent escape reflex (and a bit of necrophilia of sorts, to boot), he could’ve just used a plain old housefly. (Wikipedia: [Adult tiger beetles‘] “reaction times being of the same order as that of common houseflies.”)
    He didn’t even mention that adult tiger beetles run at literally blinding speeds.
    Nor that larval Cicindela dorsalis can roll even faster than hudsoni’s record-setting insect running speed, wind & terrain permitting.

    Well, at least the brief wait between chapters 20 and 21 gave enough time to imagine some ways how that encounter ought to have played out! ^^


    Anyway, my first post here, so apologies if the formatting gets screwed up. And of course:
    Thank you, Kirei Cake!

    • Sayori says:

      Thanks for the typo correction. Happens to the best of us.

      Regarding the factual stuff, well, I can’t go too much out of my way to correct everything that Shinya writes, so of course, you can’t expect his facts to be sure-fire.

      As you’ve seen in the past, some facts are really only somewhat accurate. It’s entirely Shinya’s own understanding of what he (likely) Googles up at the time.

      P.S. I see you like taxonomy ;o. I like nature too :D.

      • Anonymous says:

        > I can’t go too much out of my way to correct everything that Shinya writes,

        Oh, of course, of course. That wouldn’t be an entirely feasible, let alone reasonable, use of your time.
        I’m just hoping that you might be inclined to make any corrections pointed out by readers who have spent a bit too much of our time learning about this stuff. ^^
        Either within the text itself, or (probably better) in the form of margin notes. (Or perhaps as credit page notes?)

        I’d say general concepts and inspiring curiosity & fascination are the most important things when it comes to Shinya’s mini-documentaries, but I do think it’d be good to keep misinformation & miseducation to a minimum.
        …Even if only to forestall biology nerd rage. =)

        > I see you like taxonomy

        Actually, more like, I see it as a necessary evil. A fundamentally flawed classification system, but still useful even so, and worth refining and “properly” using as best as possible.

        But nature? Yeah, nature’s awesome. :)

        • Sayori says:

          Well I want to keep margin notes to a bare minimum (they’re really only needed when it’s an interesting comment or it’s a major misconception), so credits notes do fine.

          Shinya, I doubt, is anything close to a biology major of any sort. He likely just likes insects, and wanted to do a manga series about them.

          Hence, most of his research likely just revolves around what he finds off of Japanese website as well as Japanese Wikipedia. Most likely.

          Sometimes they’re interpreted well, sometimes some insects just skimmed upon, and at the occasional case, he omits some important notes that should be explained.

          I can still see you’re a biology geek :D

  • Disput says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! You are the best!

  • Songoku921 says:

    Thanks for the releases. I would usually just leave a comment on batoto but seeing the last page of the chapter , thought I should stop by. Thanks again :)

  • RoxFlowz says:

    Awesome. Thank you for your hard work :3

  • Issac says:

    Thank you =) for your great work

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