Project Itoh Series & Red Night Eve Dropped

We regret to inform that we have dropped the Project Itoh trio series and Red Night Eve.

The reason for the drop is because Allstar16, the translator for those series, went MIA.

I’m personally not interested in translating them, and I don’t have any other active translator.

We do have the raws and some work done on those series, so if you would like to pick any of them up,

just let us know in our IRC and we’ll give you the files.

Red Night Eve was slated for a drop since many eons ago, but only maintained because Allstar16 didn’t want his work wasted.

The Project Itoh series (Genocidal Organ, Harmony, Empire of Corpses) were dropped not only because Allstar16 disappeared, but because raws for the future chapters (I have them all) reveal nothing special worth waiting for. Empire of Corpses looks OK to an extent, though.

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  • Lacey says:

    Sad to see Harmony go… I was really happy to see it was being translated. Might I have those RAWs as well, please?

  • ballroll says:

    Oh man :(
    I know this is late but can I ask for the raws for the empire of corpses?
    I don’t plan on translating but I want to read it if possible

  • jenny says:

    so sad but no problem however thanks for hard work
    I have question how can I download from irc link I’m use mIRC but what should I do
    help please

    • Nitori says:

      We no longer provide IRC-based downloads, so you’ll have to stick to either direct download or our online reader.

  • JigoKuu says:


    I’m sorry you dropped these series, but I can totally understand. Thank you very much for informing us!:)

    Can I ask for the RAWs of the Project Itoh series, please? I really would like to read them (it would be a nice challenge for me :D). It would be for personal use, not for translating, though. I hope it won’t cause you trouble.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Levian says:

    Aw that’s sad to hear! I’m grateful to the work your group has put into the series. Could I have the raws to The Empire of Corpses and Harmony?

  • Wandering Moogle says:

    :c sad about project itoh! I really loved Empire of Corpses and I’m still heavily waiting for a translation as there is a huge difference from the movie to this..

    Would it be fine to at least give out the raws for Empire of Corpses? I’m not the best to translate but I at least can read a bit ;____;

  • fatyndao says:

    Oh Noz, so sad!

  • JeKO says:

    NO!! :(

    Well… I hope, in the future… i really like to continue reading the project itoh mangas.

    As usual thanks!

    • Nitori says:

      Yeah, we lost our translator for those series and there wasn’t a strong interest from the public anyway. Sorry about that :(

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