Dropping More Series, Unfortunately

A lot of things have been going on with my workload and my staff’s availability, so we’re forced to drop some series to balance things out.

I kind of hate having to explain myself, but I’ll just be frank about the reasons behind each drop.

Kono Shima (Indecent Island): dood, our primary editor for the series, quit our group and took the series to his own group.

Tomodachi Game & Wonder Rabbit Girl: We just don’t have the time to fit these series into our schedules.

ZETMAN: Allstar16, our translator who asked us to pick up this series, disappeared a few months ago, and hasn’t popped up since.

Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat: I expected a lot more readers for this series, but it seems readers have abandoned it.

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  • Roger88 says:

    Do you now the website for the group who will do kono shima
    P.S im sad that kono shima won’t be translate by you guys, and hope that the new group will try their best to translate kono shima

  • Mating Net says:

    Is Darwin’s Game going to be dropped as well?! No real updates since 2 months ago, and there are avaliable raws up to chapter 43 as I’m typing this comment.

    P.S: A pity to see Tomodachi Game being dropped; I really liked that manga, the psychological warfare is played nicely there. But I guess it was coming, since no new chapters in almost 4 months. But given the reason “We just don’t have the time to fit these series into our schedules”, I’d suppose you aren’t accepting any new projects now, be it a new manga or a dropped one by another scanlation group, right?

    • Nitori says:

      Darwin’s Game is coming out today. We apologize for the delay, but our cleaner stalled it for an entire month for no particular reason.

      As for Tomodachi Game, it is a very wordy series and has long chapters, so I feel that the effort is not worth my time. Perhaps another group will be willing to continue such a gem of a series.

  • Anon says:

    I read this and breathed a sigh of relief that Gesellschaft Blume wasn’t dropped.

    Thanks for all of your work Nitorita and Kirei Cake. Sad to see some series go, but I hope it makes things go by smoother for you guys.

    • Nitori says:

      Gesellschaft is not being dropped, don’t worry.

      I made some drops for series that aren’t that important to me or the team. It helps me a bit to take some load off and not be concerned about them anymore.

  • Nah says:

    I understand about Hentai Prince but perhaps it could be that many people who followed it simply weren’t aware it’s back? I only came accross it by pure coincidence.

    • Nitori says:

      That’s likely the case. With it being dead for two years, it seems most of the readers have disappeared as well.

      I’ve got a handful of other series to deal with now (primarily weeklies), so reducing the workload helps save me some time.

      • Hyper says:

        This applies to me, I came here for revenge. Shame about Hentai prince I quite enjoyed it.

  • Ryanonymous says:

    I’m sorry, mostly about “Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat” :<
    Anyway, thanks for the work you did till now :)

    • Nitori says:

      Yeah, I apologize. Although Hentai Prince is a wonderful series, it doesn’t seem that many readers enjoy it anymore (probably due to its two-year hiatus), so I don’t see a reason to push on with it. Sorry about that.

  • Marek says:

    It took me actually a while to even notice that Hentai Prince had moved here, but I do have all the chapters downloaded. Haven’t somehow gotten around to actually reading them, though.

  • Sayo says:

    This is completely unrelated, but something weird has happened to the display of your comments sections. The avatars are blown up to a ridiculous size (page info says “scaled to 238px × 335px”) and covering up part of the comment text.

  • James says:

    Don’t worry about it. If They’re drop ,I hope to this project come back at kirei cake :)

  • James says:

    bad news, make me sad

    • Nitori says:

      Well, Kono Shima’s drop was mostly due to the cleaner taking the series elsewhere.

      I didn’t want it to happen, but it did. I apologize.

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