Kirei Cake is Now 8 Years Old

Yeah, I just thought I’d post this for posterity. I forgot to do one last year, but I was never really one to celebrate holidays anyway. I hope you continue to enjoy our releases.

Not much has changed over the last two years, although our work has streamlined a bit. I’m still the sole translator of all of our current series, and I’m translating even more than I used to. Translating has taken up basically a third of my life, and I don’t see that lifestyle changing any day soon.

I want to put out a (long belated) shout to DankDoggo for designing this new site for us. I’m sorry that I never gave you the credit that’s clearly due, but you appeared and disappeared like the wind, without a trace. I never asked for such a wonderful gift, but you gave it to me. You never asked for anything in return. Had it not been for you, our site would still be the same clunky, generic-skinned site it used to be back in the day. So thank you, really. I’ll never forget you.

In any case, I’m proud with how far this group has come. We’re one of oldest groups that’s still active in the scene. The name “Kirei Cake” was never meant to be permanent back when I created the group; it was just the first two words that came to mind. I ended up sticking with it anyway, and here we are.

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  • Vi says:

    Just donate, thanks for your translation!!

  • iza says:

    Thank you for your hard work! I’m a reader from Hong Kong.
    I can really feel your passion towards the Japanese manga!
    I donated some money… not much but hope it helps.

  • berubetto but sometimes geekdiva(herself) says:

    I’ve always loved your work, and I am glad you’re still around. And that you’re still Pretty Keeki. Heh!

  • Khriss says:

    Thanks for translating Arachnid!
    I’m reading it rn and it’s pretty good!

  • Terence Misato says:

    i congratulate you on your 8 years in the internet , two years ago i came upon your site via accident when i was looking for manga translation (via google) and since then I’ve been a fan of sorts on your manga translation. congratulations on your 8 years

  • Saro says:

    Bruh try creating a discord server u may get more popular that way too) mine is Saro#5533

  • Chiara Chinelato says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work! I wish I had an international card so I could donate but unfortunately I’ve tried it before and I can’t :(
    I feel guilty cause I’m reading all my favorite series for free.

  • Aroldy Liriano says:

    Keep of the excellent work. We appreciate it and the work doesn’t go unnoticed

  • Hrutland says:

    I like your style and i like the series you pick, so many thanks.

  • Makey says:

    Many thanks for all your releases.
    So here’s for another 8 years :)

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