If you are interested in joining our group, you must express your interest in person.

Kirei Cake is a Discord-based scanlation group.

We prefer members who have a lot of time available.

We love chatting, so we prefer members who are willing to become a part of our family for the times to come.

Since we’re a casual group, not much work is available on a regular basis.

Therefore, half of the time, you will just be waiting around for something to do besides chatting.

We Are Recruiting For The Following Positions:


  • Must be willing to typeset according to our specifications so that we don’t need to follow up.
  • This role is meant to SAVE time for quality checking, not lengthen it. Experience is preferred.


  • Must be able to clean the whites and blacks on a page (levels/curves, manuals, etc.), align the page, clear the bubbles, as well as be able to do some simple redraws when appropriate or asked for.


  • Must be able to proofread (grammar, punctuation, etc.) in English, and actually capitalize (you’d be surprised how many people fail this) translations.

Japanese Translator

  • Must be able to at least translate furigana manga series.
  • We welcome everyone. Since we do mostly furigana series, so there shouldn’t be an issue if you’re a novice translator.


  • Must be able to do the more sophisticated (both greyscale and colour) redraws.
  • Simple ones too, of course. Cleaning skills are NOT necessary. Tablet optional.

What Are You Waiting For!?

Please join our Discord and and ask a staff member about a position you are interested in. You may need to wait a bit before you get a reply.

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