If you are interested in joining our group, you must express your interest in person.

Kirei Cake is a Discord-based scanlation group.

We prefer members who have a lot of time available.

We love chatting, so we prefer members who are willing to become a part of our family for the times to come.

Since we’re a casual group, not much work is available on a regular basis.

Therefore, half of the time, you will just be waiting around for something to do besides chatting.

We Are Recruiting For The Following Positions:


  • Must be willing to typeset according to our specifications so that we don’t need to follow up.
  • This role is meant to SAVE time for quality checking, not lengthen it. Experience is preferred.


  • Must be able to clean the whites and blacks on a page (levels/curves, manuals, etc.), align the page, clear the bubbles, as well as be able to do some simple redraws when appropriate or asked for.


  • Must be able to proofread (grammar, punctuation, etc.) in English, and actually capitalize (you’d be surprised how many people fail this) translations.

What Are You Waiting For!?

Please join our Discord and and ask a staff member about a position you are interested in. You may need to wait a bit before you get a reply.

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