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Author(s) and Artist(s)
AMENO Chihare & TAKEDA Mika

Aisupe @ is a love comedy story based on the online game “ai [email protected]” that features various well-known heroines from popular games and shows such as D.C. II, CLANNAD, and SHUFFLE!

Romance, School Life, Shounen, Slice of Life

Status in Country of Origin
2 Volumes (Ongoing)

Manga Updates
Online Reader

2011.05.24     Episode 00 - Premonition  MF  Mega  IRC  eReader
2011.06.30     Episode 01 - Miracle of the Sakura Tree That Cannot Wither  MF  Mega  IRC  eReader
2011.10.11     Episode 02 - The Beautiful Mystery Girl Appearing in Kazami Academy!  UL  MF  IRC  eReader