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"You can do anything if you put your mind to it." That is how Mio was raised... if you could call it that... by her rather lazy guardian Reki. Born on an island she has never been away from, Mio grows bored of her everyday life... That is until Sarah comes along.

Sarah is a member of an organization that explores and manages many "Homes", islands much like Mio's. For Mio this is her ticket to adventure, excitement and the most interesting thing of all... school! But is the school ready for Mio?

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen

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8 Volumes (Complete)

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Volume 3
2011.06.08     Act 09 - Great Weather for a Voyage That Cannot Wait  MF  Mega  IRC  eReader
2011.06.21     Act 10 - Rainfall of Emotions, Without the Thought of Rain  MF  Mega  IRC  eReader
2011.07.11     Act 11 - My Heart's Not a Fish, so it Must Not be Hooked.  MF  Mega  IRC  eReader
Volume 4
2011.08.06     Act 12 - Arrogance, the Reason for Being Caged  MF  Mega  IRC  eReader
Volume 5
2013.03.26     Act 18 - ...But Becoming a Skeleton in the Morning.  MF  IRC  eReader
Volume 6
2013.06.04     Act 19 - Success When Kept in Secret  MF  IRC  eReader
2013.12.07     Act 20 - Beautiful Woman on the Careenage  DF  IRC  eReader
2014.01.09     Act 21 - Transient Winds  DF  IRC  eReader
2014.03.31     Act 22 - Parting Lament  DF  eReader
Volume 7
2014.11.03     Act 23 - Only During Hardships Does One Become Whole  UL  IRC  eReader
2015.06.24     Act 24 - No Matter How Favourable Conditions are on the Surface...  UL  IRC  eReader
2015.07.21     Act 25 - Even if the Enemies are in Unison, They Will Not Match the Stren...  UL  IRC  eReader
2015.07.30     Act 26 - On Heaven and Earth, Within This Body is Eternity  UL  IRC  eReader
Volume 8
2015.08.31     Act 27 - He is Content With What He Has  UL  IRC  eReader
2015.11.09     Act 28 - Path of Friendship  UL  IRC  eReader
2016.02.06     Act 29 - A Dragonfly Lives for Only a Moment  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.02.07     Act 30 - And So, She Found the Depths of Imagination  UL  IRC  eReader