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KAMINO Okina & 888

Okinawa. An ordinary senior high school student, Kio, meets an alien girl who has cat ears and a tail who came to Earth so that she could learn more about it. In the end, he decides to bring her home, however, living with such a person might not be as easy as it seems for Kio!

Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Sci-fi, Seinen

Status in Country of Origin
9 Volumes (Ongoing)

Manga Updates
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Volume 1
2011.06.26     01 - I tried asking just who you were  MF  Mega  IRC  eReader
2011.07.13     02 - The freeloader had cat ears  MF  Mega  IRC  eReader
2011.08.12     03 - 'Company' Girls  MF  Mega  IRC  eReader
2011.10.03     04 - It was delicious eating yakiniku  MF  IRC  eReader
2012.01.30     05 - The cats that came from the ground  MF  IRC  eReader
2012.04.04     06 - Akuun Momiji  MF  IRC  eReader
Volume 2
2012.07.11     07 - Interposed Once Resolved  MF  Mega  IRC  eReader
2012.11.01     08 - The Captive Princess  MF  IRC  eReader
2012.12.31     09 - Everyone's Hearts Are Intertwined  MF  IRC  eReader
2013.03.25     10 - Unexpected One was Strong  MF  IRC  eReader
2013.05.31     11 - Sudden Catian Embassy?!  MF  IRC  eReader
2013.07.22     12 - Cat Ear Frenzy  MF  IRC  eReader