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TAKEOKA Hazuki & Tiv

Makabe Masamune has changed himself greatly for a single reason: he wants revenge. Contrary to his past, he has worked hard to become good-looking in order to carry out this goal. Faster than anticipated, he even meets the target of his revenge the first day after transferring in.. Adagaki Aki! He wastes no time beginning his plan, but revenge doesn't come easily.

Comedy Ecchi Harem Romance School Life Shounen

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7 Volumes (Ongoing)

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2016.05.23     Chapter 30 v2  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.05.26     Chapter 31  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.06.01     Chapter 32  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.06.12     Chapter 33  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.06.20     Chapter 34  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.06.28     Chapter 34.5  Mega  eReader
2016.07.05     Chapter 35  Mega  eReader
2016.08.07     Chapter 35.2  Mega  eReader
2016.08.26     Chapter 35.5  Mega  eReader
2016.10.20     Chapter 36  Mega  eReader
2016.11.16     Chapter 37  Mega  eReader
2016.12.17     Chapter 38  Mega  eReader
2017.01.14     Chapter 39  Mega  eReader
2017.02.22     Chapter 39.5  Mega  eReader
2017.03.15     Chapter 39.6  Mega  eReader
2017.04.10     Chapter 39.7  Mega  eReader
2017.05.02     Chapter 40  Mega  eReader
2017.05.28     Chapter 41.1  Mega  eReader