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Fifteen years ago, natality decreased greatly in Japan and the few who were born during that time are called the "Old Generation" or "Oldgens."

Hanasaka Haru, a 15-year-old Oldgen, has never met any classmates before. Now, he goes to school for the first time and meets Himeshiro Sakurako. But Sakurako is not quite the ideal classmate he imagined, and his dream school life isn't turning out the way he wanted it to...

Comedy Ecchi Harem Mature Romance School Life Sci-fi Shounen

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8 Volumes (Complete)

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Volume 3
2015.08.01     Page 15 - Everlasting Summer Paradise  UL  IRC  eReader
Volume 4
2015.08.18     Page 16 - Heart-Pounding Escape  UL  IRC  eReader
2015.10.12     Page 17 - Virgin  UL  IRC  eReader
2015.11.24     Page 18 - Karaoke Colette  UL  IRC  eReader
2015.12.10     Page 19 - Birthday Present  UL  IRC  eReader
2015.12.18     Page 20 - Extracurricular Activities  UL  IRC  eReader