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Humanity wakes up to find that they've all shrunk. Can they survive amidst the hazards that Nature entails?

This is the story of young Alice and her protective dog Poco in this new world.

Drama Horror Seinen

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2 Volumes (Ongoing)

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Volume 1
2016.05.04     Chapter 01 - Morning of the Beginning  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.05.10     Chapter 02 - Never Ending Nightmare  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.05.24     Chapter 03 - Outside World  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.06.12     Chapter 04 - Emergency  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.06.12     Chapter 05 - Resolution  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.06.22     Chapter 06  Mega  IRC  eReader
2016.07.06     Chapter 07  Mega  eReader
2016.07.22     Chapter 08  Mega  eReader
2016.08.25     Chapter 09  Mega  eReader