Rikaichan Kirei Cake Edition

(AKA The RikaiCake Project Or Just RikaiCake)


12/20/2015 in News, RikaiCake

RikaiCake Hotfix – Firefox 43.0 and above

For people running Firefox 43.0 or higher, you might have noticed that RikaiCake died. I’ve gotten the addon signed now, so please go to the RikaiCake page and reinstall it….

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09/27/2015 in News, RikaiCake

RikaiCake Build 3.2.20150927 Released!

The next version is outtttt!! Finally D: RikaiCake is now over a colossal 5,150 entries! That’s an increase of around 2/3 the original dictionary! Holy cow D: With this, I believe the…

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New Years Edition! Build 4.1.20160101

Entries and Corrections


Download and install the plugin now!

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This is a personal project, stemming from the fact that I wish to help other translators make better translations and to further streamline their efforts by making translations easier. It was started to reduce the need for me to look up things I’ve already looked up in the past, and I believe it will immensely help others as well.

Over my many years of translating, I came across many terms, phrases, etc. that were not included in the default Rikaichan dictionary. I would do a lot of searching on the web for definitions and clarification, and I assure you, I probably spent 10x more time looking these up than my entire history of translating.

Once RikaiCake reaches over 2,000 entries, it will be a very versatile dictionary for people to use.

RikaiCake was first released on Nov. 25, 2013.

Download & Installation

  1. You must first install Rikaichan, as you need it to run the dictionary.
  2. To install RikaiCake, simply download the addon and install it.
  3. After it is installed, restart Firefox, and go to Rikaichan’s Settings.
  4. Click the Dictionaries tab, and make sure RikaiCake is at the very top, like so: 2u5us81.jpg
  5. Click OK to confirm, and RikaiCake will start working from now on!

(Note: Whenever RikaiCake updates, you must repeat Step 2.)

Also works on Firefox with Rikaisama. Does not work on Chrome with Rikaikun.

Feel free to ask questions or submit comments in a response to any release post!

RikaiCake Usage Notes


  • Kirei Cake’s custom definitions are denoted by a *(KC) appended before the line.

  •  In many cases, KC’s definitions will be on the top as they are usually better than the originals. 

  • The original definitions are kept for cross-referencing if necessary, however.
  • If a KC definition is below the original, it is an alternative definition or a usage explanation to a word or phrase.

  • It is recommended to review KC’s alternative definitions, as they are often informative, or can provide a better way to word a term. As well, they may have notes as to how to properly use a term, or they may explain how a term works, for better understanding.
  • Often times, particles are interchangeable for Rikaichan.

  • If you type a phrase and cannot find a definition, it is recommended to try changing the particle(s) to another to see if it exists. The meaning should generally be the same. I’ve done this a lot myself (switching between を and が, for example), so you should try it too.
  • Sometimes, KC’s definitions may be in Kana only to signify that the Kanji is rarely ever used in Japanese.

  • KC definitions may not use every Kana reading for a word, even if the default dictionary has many.

  • In the default dictionary, some terms have many several readings, but KC will only focus on the readings that are actually used.